The Civic Media Codesign Studio is a project-based studio course in collaborative design of civic media. Students work with a range of organizations and community mentors to create civic media projects grounded in real-world community needs.

The course covers theory and practice of codesign, including methods for community participation in iterative stages of project ideation, design, prototyping, testing, launch, and stewardship. This semester, the course will focus on the wicked problem of policy co-creation. As Covid-19 brought start inequality to the surface in almost every aspect of life in Boston, there is urgent need to invent new ways for government to work with communities in making better decisions and creating better, more just policies.

This course includes traditional university students as well "community mentors" who will co-create prototypes that enhance and reimagine local governance. We are particularly interested in local "care networks" that have mobilized in Boston to respond to immediate needs of communities during the pandemic. In what ways can/should government work with them? How should we be thinking about data creation and sharing? How do we make emergency response sustainable?