Climate Resilience Amidst Extremes

Julie Zhu, Maita Navarro, Marilyn Forman, Nancy Smith
As coronavirus cases continue to rise in Boston, the looming problem of climate change seems to feel ever more distant. Yet, it is at this time of crisis that the need to address the disproportionate effects of both COVID-19 and significant climate change impacts on the same vulnerable populations becomes pertinent. Read more.

Democratizing Public Space

Tomás G, Sarah R, Cheryl H, Sara K, Corey T
The public realm has and continues to be the space where societal norms are perpetuated. While it is often perceived as the commonplace, the street is a mere reflection of social-political dynamics. Communities must have an equal opportunity to shape how their histories are depicted in the built space, through the creation of more transparent processes. Read more.

Voter Experiences: A Toolkit for Assessment

Di Wu, Nicole Kuhn, Melissa Henry, Neenah Estrella-Luna, Jacob deBlecourt
Outreach to voters by civic engagement organizations is robust. However, little communication or collaboration occurs with potential voters after the event to understand their voting experiences. We are now developing a toolkit for civic engagement organizations to gather voter experiences from their community members. Read more.

Getting Connected

Cj Jean-Louis, Maridena Roja, Mike Sugarman, Kat Wyl, Leslie Yan
The COVID-19 pandemic and its risks of in-person transmission have led to a rapid, wide-scale adoption of digital communication technologies, leaving older adults who were not already proficient with digital tools struggling to connect with their communities, friends, and families. Our goal is to help older adults build their digital literacy skills through an immediate option for engaging with technology. Read more.

Peer Networks

Raha Peyravi, Yi-Ning (Nicole) Liu, Nigel Jacob, Cheryl Antoine
While there exists a vast number of resources for immigrant communities in Boston, robust “peer networks” that  connect community members to each other are for the most part lacking. We are creating a civic service app that provides immigrant communities a concrete library of resources and that acts as a platform to build social networks. Read more.